ISAAC 2018 Accepted Papers

Takashi Ishizuka and Naoyuki Kamiyama. On the Complexity of Stable Fractional Hypergraph Matching
Priyanka Mukhopadhyay and Divesh Aggarwal. Improved algorithms for the Shortest Vector Problem and the Closest Vector Problem in the infinity norm
Franz Aurenhammer, Michael Steinkogler and Rolf Klein. Partially Walking a Polygon
Siu-Wing Cheng and Lie Yan. Extensions of Self-Improving Sorters
Travis Gagie, Meng He and Gonzalo Navarro. Tree Path Majority Data Structures
Md Lutfar Rahman and Thomas Watson. Complexity of Unordered CNF Games
Emilio Di Giacomo, Peter Eades, Giuseppe Liotta, Henk Meijer and Fabrizio Montecchiani. Polyline Drawings with Topological Constraints
Elena Arseneva, Man Kwun Chiu, Matias Korman, Aleksandar Markovic, Yoshio Okamoto, Aurélien Ooms, André van Renssen and Marcel Roeloffzen. Rectilinear Link Diameter and Radius in a Rectilinear Polygonal Domain
Tatsuya Akutsu, Jesper Jansson, Ruiming Li, Atsuhiro Takasu and Takeyuki Tamura. New and Improved Algorithms for Unordered Tree Inclusion
Ran Ben Basat, Seungbum Jo, Srinivasa Rao Satti and Shubham Ugare. Approximate Query Processing over Static Sets and Sliding Windows
Seungbum Jo and Srinivasa Rao Satti. Encoding two-dimensional range top-k queries revisited
Tereza Klimošová, Josef Malík, Tomáš Masařík, Jana Novotná, Daniël Paulusma and Veronika Slívová. Colouring (P_r + P_s )-Free Graphs
Andreas Björklund and Thore Husfeldt. Counting Shortest Two Disjoint Paths in Cubic Planar Graphs with an NC Algorithm
Nader Bshouty and Waseem Makhoul. On Polynomial time Constructions of Minimum Height Decision Tree
Kazuhiro Kurita, Kunihiro Wasa, Hiroki Arimura and Takeaki Uno. Efficient Enumeration of Dominating Sets for Sparse Graphs
Arijit Bishnu, Arijit Ghosh, Sudeshna Kolay, Gopinath Mishra and Saket Saurabh. Parameterized Query Complexity of Hitting Set using Stability of Sunflowers
Cody Geary, Pierre-étienne Meunier, Nicolas Schabanel and Shinnosuke Seki. Proving the Turing Universality of Oritatami Co-Transcriptional Folding
Binay Bhattacharya, Yuya Higashikawa, Tsunehiko Kameda and Naoki Katoh. An $O(n^2\log^2 n)$ Time Algorithm for Minmax Regret Minsum Sink on Path Networks
Sébastien Bouchard, Yoann Dieudonne, Andrzej Pelc and Franck Petit. Deterministic Treasure Hunt in the Plane with Angular Hints
Andrzej Czygrinow, Wojciech Wawrzyniak, Marcin Witkowski and Michal Hanckowiak. Distributed approximation algorithms for the Minimum Dominating Set in $K_h$-minor-free graphs
Delia Garijo, Alberto Marquez, Natalia Rodríguez and Rodrigo Silveira. Computing optimal shortcuts for networks
Johanna E. Preißer and Jens M. Schmidt. Computing Vertex-Disjoint Paths in Large Graphs using MAOs
Parinya Chalermsook, Mayank Goswami, Laszlo Kozma, Kurt Mehlhorn and Thatchaphol Saranurak. Multi-finger binary search trees
Pankaj Agarwal, Haim Kaplan, Geva Kipper, Wolfgang Mulzer, Günter Rote, Micha Sharir and Allen Xiao. Approximate Minimum-Weight Partial Matching under Translation
Sariel Har-Peled, Haim Kaplan, Wolfgang Mulzer, Liam Roditty, Paul Seiferth, Micha Sharir and Max Willert. Stabbing Pairwise Intersecting Disks by Five Points
Annette Ficker, Thomas Erlebach, Matus Mihalak and Frits Spieksma. Partitioning Vectors into Quadruples: Worst-Case Analysis of a Matching-Based Algorithm
Eunjin Oh. Point Location in Incremental Planar Subdivisions
Eunjin Oh. Minimizing Distance-to-Sight in Polygonal Domains
Timothy Chan, Thomas C. Van Dijk, Krzysztof Fleszar, Joachim Spoerhase and Alexander Wolff. Stabbing Rectangles by Line Segments – How Decomposition Reduces the Shallow-Cell Complexity
Galia Shabtai, Dan Raz and Yuval Shavitt. A relaxed FPTAS for Chance-Constrained Knapsack
Patrizio Angelini, Michael Bekos, Michael Kaufmann, Maximilian Pfister and Torsten Ueckerdt. Beyond-Planarity: Turán-type Results for Non-Planar Bipartite Graphs
Dimitris Fotakis, Laurent Gourves, Claire Mathieu and Abhinav Srivastav. Covering Clients with Types and Budgets
David Gleich, Nate Veldt and Anthony Wirth. Correlation Clustering Generalized
Ian Munro and Kaiyu Wu. Succinct Data Structures for Chordal Graphs
Martin Hoefer and Lisa Wilhelmi. Packing Returning Secretaries
Kenneth Hoover, Russell Impagliazzo, Ivan Mikhailin and Alexander Smal. Half-duplex communication complexity
Hiroki Osawa, Akira Suzuki, Takehiro Ito and Xiao Zhou. Algorithms for Coloring Reconfiguration under Recolorability Constraints
Johannes Blömer, Sascha Brauer and Kathrin Bujna. Coresets for Fuzzy K-Means with Applications
Hiroshi Hirai and Yuni Iwamasa. Reconstructing phylogenetic tree from multipartite quartet system
Davide Bilò. Almost optimal algorithms for diameter-optimally augmenting trees
Jian-Jia Chen, Nikhil Bansal, Samarjit Chakraborty and Georg von der Brüggen. Packing Sporadic Real-Time Tasks on Identical Multiprocessor Systems
Guillaume Ducoffe and Alexandru Popa. The b-Matching problem in distance-hereditary graphs and beyond
Kelin Luo, Thomas Erlebach and Yinfeng Xu. Online Scheduling of Car-Sharing Requests between Two Locations with Many Cars and Flexible Advance Bookings
Matthias Bentert, Alexander Dittmann, Leon Kellerhals, André Nichterlein and Rolf Niedermeier. An Adaptive Version of Brandes' Algorithm for Betweenness Centrality
Patrick Schnider and Alexander Pilz. Extending the centerpoint theorem to multiple points
Quirijn Bouts, Thom Castermans, Arthur van Goethem, Marc van Kreveld and Wouter Meulemans. Competitive Searching for a Line on a Line Arrangement
On-Hei Solomon Lo and Jens M. Schmidt. A Cut Tree Representation for Pendant Pairs
Guillaume Ducoffe and Alexandru Popa. The use of a pruned modular decomposition for Maximum Matching algorithms on some graph classes
Adam Kunysz. An Algorithm for the Maximum Weight Strongly Stable Matching Problem
Frank Kammer and Andrej Sajenko. A Space-Optimal c-Color Choice Dictionary
Matthew P. Johnson. Deciding the Closure of Inconsistent Rooted Triples is NP-Complete
Michael Matheny and Jeff Phillips. Computing Approximate Statistical Discrepancy
Tomasz Kociumaka, Ritu Kundu, Manal Mohamed and Solon Pissis. Longest Unbordered Factor in Quasilinear Time
Giordano Da Lozzo and Ignaz Rutter. Approximation Algorithms for Facial Cycles in Planar Embeddings
Ivona Bezakova and Andrew Searns. On Counting Oracles for Path Problems
Jiehua Chen, Hendrik Molter, Manuel Sorge and Ondrej Suchy. Cluster Editing in Multi-Layer and Temporal Graphs
Alfonso Cevallos, Friedrich Eisenbrand and Sarah Maria Morell. Diversity maximization in doubling metrics
Pavel Dvořák, Dušan Knop and Tomáš Toufar. Target Set Selection in Dense Graph Classes
Ahad N. Zehmakan. Opinion Forming in Erdős–Rényi Random Graph and Expanders
Qilong Feng, Guanlan Tan, Senmin Zhu, Jianxin Wang and Bin Fu. New Algorithms for Edge Induced K\"{o}nig-Egerv\'{a}ry Subgraph Based on Gallai-Edmonds Decomposition
Eun Jung Kim, Maria Serna and Dimitrios Thilikos. Data-compression for Parametrized Counting Problems on Sparse graphs
Martin Farach-Colton, Meng Li and Meng-Tsung Tsai. Streaming Algorithms for Planar Convex Hulls
Yen-Ting Chen, Meng-Tsung Tsai and Shi-Chun Tsai. A Dichotomy Result for Cyclic-Order Traversing Games
Eunpyeong Hong and Mong-Jen Kao. Approximation Algorithm for Vertex Cover with Submodular-Type Covering Constraints
Andreas Björklund. Exploiting Sparseness for Bipartite Hamiltonicity
Andreas Björklund, Thore Husfeldt, Petteri Kaski and Mikko Koivisto. Counting connected subgraphs with maximum-degree-aware sieving
Vahideh Keikha, Mees van de Kerkhof, Marc Van Kreveld, Irina Kostitsyna, Maarten Löffler, Frank Staals, Jérôme Urhausen, Jordi L. Vermeulen and Lionov Wiratma. Convex partial transversals of planar regions
Davide Bilò and Kleitos Papadopoulos. A Novel Algorithm for the All-Best-Swap-Edge Problem on Tree Spanners
Georgia Avarikioti, Yuyi Wang and Roger Wattenhofer. Algorithmic Channel Design
Samir Datta, Raghav Kulkarni, Ashish Kumar and Anish Mukherjee. Planar Maximum Matching: Towards a Parallel Algorithm
Xingwu Liu, Zhida Pan, Yuyi Wang and Roger Wattenhofer. Impatient Online Matching